Our Student Leaders

The Executive

The Thunderbird Marching Band is led by our six-member Executive team, consisting entirely of UBC students. You can see a further in-depth look at our organizational structure in our Constitution.

President: Andy Ferguson


Presently a second year undergraduate in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC, Andy is more than delighted to participate in the Thunderbird Marching Band’s executive team.

Drum Major: Fred Cholowski


Fred Cholowski is a fourth year Political Science student at UBC and the Drum Major of the Thunderbird Marching Band. Fred started playing the piano at the age of five and has been hooked on music ever since. Before joining the Thunderbird Marching Band Fred played the trumpet in bands of all shapes, sizes, and styles, while bringing his energy and enthusiasm to everywhere he played. Fred brings his musical knowledge and infectious energy to the Thunderbird Marching Band, striving to create new musical memories for years to come.

Assistant Drum Major: Arial Eatherton

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Treasurer: Nadia Kovari


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Secretary: Dash Foster


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Publicity Officer: Alice Huang


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Logistics Officer: Valeria Suarez Gomez


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