Our Executive & Student Staff

Leadership Team

The Thunderbird Marching Band is led and governed by our elected six-member Executive team, consisting entirely of UBC students. Additionally, the Executive appoints student staff to assist with running the band. You can see a further in-depth look at our organizational structure in our Constitution.


President: Dash Foster


Dash is a fourth year majoring in History and Political Science. He plays the snare drum as well as the bass drum and cymbals. His favourite thing about the band is watching the crowd enjoy the music wherever they’re playing. He is looking forward to the band playing at more events on campus and raising school spirit.

Drum Major: Nicolas Moss


Nic is a fifth-year civil engineering student. Before becoming drum major, he played quint toms with the TMB drumline, but has also been seen playing snare drum, bass drum, glockenspiel, piano, cello, clarinet, and vibraslap. His favourite thing about the band is that it is an opportunity to relax from a busy week of classes and enjoy making music with friends. He is looking forward to seeing the band continue to grow in numbers this year in time for the arrival of uniforms in 2019.

Treasurer: Lia Pennefather


Lia is a saxophonist and flutist in 3rd year Computer Science. She loves band, dancing, and dancing in band. Feel free to come say hi!

Secretary: Colin Koncz


Colin is a third year majoring in Cognitive Systems and the Brain. He plays the really big piccolo, the flute. His favourite thing about the band is getting to play our songs with everyone. This year he is hoping to see everyone dressed out in uniforms, marching from point to point.

Publicity Officer: Nicole Cheng


Nicole is a third year student in her dual degree of a Bachelors of Science, majoring in environmental science, and a Masters of Management. She started her music journey with the piano then chose the clarinet in her early years of band. Now she is an avid trumpet player in TMB. Her favourite thing about band is the fun-loving community that comes together every week to create music. Nicole is excited to see the band develop a stronger image with their marching uniforms that they will be getting in this academic year.

Logistics Officer: Ashley Viljoen


Ashley is in her third year at UBC, majoring in food and nutritional health. Her favourite thing about the band is the people in it, and hanging out with them during practices and games. She wants to see the band go safely across the half time court, either direction, with no mishaps!


Vice President: Nadia Kovari


Nadia is a third year majoring in International Relations. She plays the trombone, which is far superior than the trumpet. Her favorite thing about the band is everyone’s level of commitment to come together to just play music and have fun! This year she’d love to see the band grow in members.