The History and Traditions of UBC

School Songs

In addition to performing covers of music from a wide variety of genres (rock, top 40, movies, video games, and more!), the Thunderbird Marching Band is responsible for performing UBC’s school songs at sporting events. Listed below are the lyrics to UBC’s four fight songs and our Alma Mater.

Hail UBC

Hail to the Thunderbirds,
Hail UBC,
Thunder and lightning,
Onward to victory!
Hail to the blue and gold,
Hail UBC,
UBC forever!
Onward to victory
Words and Music by Prof. Stephen Chatman

The U.B.C. March

We wear the blue and gold of the victors, we are the men of the U.B.C.
All other teams acknowledge us masters. We are strong in adversity.
There’s work for the day and work for the morrow, we are the ones who will do our share.
Shouting in joy and silent in sorrow, bravery conquers care.

Hail! U.B.C., our glorious University.
You stand for aye, between the mountains and the sea;
All through life’s way, we’ll sing “Klahowyah Varsity”
“Tuum Est” wins the day, and we’ll push on to Victory! Words and Music by Harold King (Education ‘32)

Alma Mater Hymn

Alma Mater, by thy dwelling
There is set the western sea,
Mountains shed their benediction
On the hopes that rest in thee.

Alma Mater, to thy children
In the spring-time of their years,
Grant the faith that grows from knowledge,
Courage that makes light of fears.

Alma Mater, thou hast kinship
With the great of by-gone days,
And the voices of our fathers
Join with ours to sing thy praise. Words by Prof. H. T. Coleman
Music by D.O. Durkin (Arts ‘40)

Hail to the Gold and Blue

Sons of our Alma Mater,
Gird you against the foe,
Count not the cost but fight boys,
And on to victory we’ll go.
Hearts that are never weary,
Hearts that are brave and true,
Glorious to the cause and worthy,
Hail to the Gold and Blue.

When in the halls we gather,
May hope attend our way,
When from thy courts we wander,
Let faith and truth alone hold sway.
Go forth in exultation,
Ever our pledge renew,
Source of our inspiration,
Hail to the Gold and Blue.
Words and Music by Wm. C. Gibson (1931)

Here’s to Dear Old U.B.C.

Come in all your fighting trim,
Come in all your strength to win,
Come and show your spirit for the BLUE and the GOLD.
Come and shout our war cry out
With all your pow’r and might, And what e’er we we do, we will all be true
To our cherished University.

Here’s to dear old U.B.C., Here’s to dear old U.B.C.
Hearty are the men who wear the BLUE and the GOLD.
We’ll send across the land our ringing cry. (Rah! Rah!)
Hail to dear old U.B.C.
Her fighting spirit cannot die.
Even when our luck is gone,
We’ll always carry on for U.B.C.
Words and Music by Vera Peters (Arts ‘33)