Member Testimonials

In my 3 years at UBC, the thing I am most proud of doing is joining the Thunderbird Marching Band! I had been looking for something musical to join for a long time, and the band filled that need and then some! Fun music, getting to cheer on your home team in various sports, and the best group of people around. I looked forward to rehearsals every week, and I just wish I’d been able to join sooner in my degree! Join the band, you won’t regret it! Matt Hudson, Alto Sax ‘14

It is so great to be a part of UBC Thunderbird marching band because along with getting to play awesome music, I also get to know so many lovely band members. We always have the best time while we march around campus or play music to support UBC’s various sport teams. I would definitely recommend joining the band if you like music and fun! Maria Chen, Glockenspiel ‘17